Steps for a beautiful lawn with every season in UT County with Sprinkler Master Repair (Utah County, UT)

best sprinkler company ut countyWith each season in a given year, a lot of things can happen — especially to your lawn! Each time of year brings its own set of unique and challenging factors when trying to build or maintain a healthy lawn. Sprinkler Master Repair (Utah County, UT) is here to help you in the process — and in every season — make sure your lawn is in top condition! Sprinkler Master Repair (Utah County, UT) is one of the few companies that can help your lawn be maintained and healthy, year-round. Use us in the summer for quality sprinkler repair and sprinkler installation, use us in the winter for winterizing your sprinkler system or for sprinkler blowouts, and use us in the spring and fall for moments in between where you may need us the most.

With Sprinkler Master Repair (Utah County, UT), we’re here for you; the customer, but not just as a customer. As a person. We recognize that you have needs and wants, and we want to help you make them a reality, no matter the time of year! Call Sprinkler Master Repair (Utah County, UT) today at (801) 709-1574 for year-round sprinkler service at an affordable price. We specialize in sprinkler system repair, sprinkler installs, drip irrigation, winterizing sprinkler systems, fixing broken sprinkler heads, sprinkler valve replacement, fixing broken or burst piping, and so much more!

With so much that changes in life, and with each season, get your lawn or garden to be consistently healthy, nourished, and strong with Sprinkler Master Repair (Utah County, UT). Today we’ll be giving you a step-by-step procedure for each time of year to help ensure a healthy, beautiful lawn year-round. This is the Sprinkler Master way. Be sure to call Sprinkler Master Repair (Utah County, UT) today for all your sprinkler repair or sprinkler installation questions, comments, or concerns at (801) 709-1574.


It should be said here that there is no “right” time to start the process of getting a better-looking, healthy lawn. Springtime, however, serves as one of the better starting points due to the slight increase in warmer weather and the lawn being naturally hungry for nutrients and sustenance after a long period of winter. It’s at this point that an automatic sprinkler system or automatic sprinkler timer could make all the difference for you and your lawn. At this point in time, let’s say late February through May, you’ll want to start watering your lawn and cutting it depending on weather patterns in temperatures and precipitation. Sprinkler Master Repair (Utah County, UT) can install a new sprinkler system to your lawn or garden area in a days’ time. By doing so, you save time and money in the long run by having your sprinkler system work so you don’t have to. Call us today at (801) 709-1574 to get scheduled for sprinkler installation today!

On top of the early process of watering your lawn, you’ll want to employ fertilizing techniques for particular parts of Spring, which would be:

It’s best to start thinking about watering your lawn 1-2 times a week depending on the weather patterns, especially once snowfall stops and temperatures increase.

sprinkler master ut countyEarly Summer/Summer

Summertime is a BIG time for your lawn to continue to grow, or to dwindle away due to undernourishment or other factors. There’s a lot of work that needs to go into your lawn from June to early September to have a satisfactory lawn. This section is aptly titled with early summer because there’s a lot of legwork that needs to be done in the month of June to make for a more complete and full July, August, and September. These steps include shifting your watering measures from 1-2 times a week to 2 or 3 times a week depending on the weather and precipitation. In the months of June through early September, you should aim to water your lawn upwards of 25-30 minutes with fixed, pop-up sprinkler heads, or 50 to 60 minutes with rotating sprinkler heads. If you’d like to learn more about different types of sprinkler heads or to see which ones you have in your yard, click here!

Alongside watering your lawn more frequently, you’ll want to keep an eye out for dry spots in your lawn where your sprinklers might not be working effectively. Call Sprinkler Master Repair (Utah County, UT) at (801) 709-1574 to get your sprinkler lines adjusted, your broken sprinkler heads fixed, or your sprinkler system repaired in general! Problems that go unchecked are never solved. Much like in the spring, you’ll want to be sure to use some type of fertilizing agent to maintain healthy growth through the heat of the summer months. Sprinkler Master Repair recommends TurfBuilder Summerguard Lawn Food with Insect Control. You’ll want to apply it once between June and August, approximately a month and a half after you initially fed your lawn in the spring to keep your lawn green and to keep insects away.


For Utah County, we’ll constitute Fall as being the latter half of September through October and the very early parts of November. This is a tricky time for your lawn because it’s trying to recover from a lot of natural damage from the hot summer months, including more natural foot traffic, possible insect infestations, heat, and drought among other things. However, it’s not time to give up or throw in the towel! There are still things to do to prepare your lawn to be healthy and green before winterizing your sprinkler systems and preparing for next spring.

At this point, you’ll want to scale back your watering habits like they were in the spring, watering 1-2 times a week, but with the same timeframe depending on the type of sprinkler head you have employed in your lawn. Due to the need of not overwatering, you’ll want to keep a close eye on your lawn to meet its watering needs. Much like the other seasons, you’ll want to use TurfBuilder WinterGuard Fall Lawn Food or some type of equivalent lawn fertilizer twice in the fall; once around Labor Day, and another time around a month and a half after the first use.


Winter in Utah County could be considered November through February, starting our seasonal cycle all over again. During this time, it’s a great idea to get your sprinkler system winterized or blown out for the season when it’s not in use. Call Sprinkler Master Repair (Utah County, UT) today at (801) 709-1574 to get your sprinklers winterized by trained professionals. We’ll get your sprinkler system on track to get turned back on in the spring with perfection!


With Sprinkler Master Repair (Utah County, UT) you have a name you can trust. When it comes to any sprinkler service, we have what it takes to get the job done right. Call us today at (801) 709-1574 to see what we mean and to see what we can do for you year-round!

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