Impact Sprinklers — The Impact for Your Lawn with Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County)

It’s safe to say that we all look for opportunities to do things the easy way. Working a full day, taking care of kids, or even just taking care of yourself can take some time that you may not have to give up. Throw in menial tasks, like taking care of your yard or garden, and you’ve definitely got your hands full. Every so often, something comes along in life that really makes an impact. For you, and for your lawn, the thing that could save you time and money is installing impact sprinklers to your lawn or garden. By calling Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) today at (801) 709-1574, you’ll have our guarantee of quality parts and quality service at an affordable price. If you keep reading, you’ll get a better idea as to why installing an impact sprinkler head system to your lawn could make a huge impact on the rest of your life!


Before diving into the “why” of an impact sprinkler head, it’s first important to get into the “how” of an impact sprinkler head. Invented and developed in 1932-1933 by Orton Englehart, the impact sprinkler head quickly found widespread use due to its water-use and overall volume of range. Though no major changes have been implemented toward the impact sprinkler head since 1933, the innovation still continues to be a sure choice with effective and efficient lawn irrigation practices.

Impact sprinkler heads are generally larger sprinkler heads that use the impact of a weighted, spring-loaded impact mechanism to hit the water coming out of the sprinkler, to turn the head. An impact sprinkler head will typically have a metal knob that hangs down, and as the head turns stationary, the knob hits stationary bars to turn in the other direction. Because of the unique designs of impact sprinkler heads, they can be encased in a cover if under the ground, or exposed if they are above ground. They can also be connected to the bottom or side of the main sprinkler unit.

Click here for a video to learn more about why impact sprinkler heads can be so impactful to your lawn!

Names of Parts:

Parts are important to any mechanism, and that’s definitely the case with the impact sprinkler head! Check out the parts down below:

Pro and Cons:

Like any other product, impact sprinkler heads are also prone to pros and cons. Each type of sprinkler head is unique, but as mentioned before, the impact sprinkler head can often do more for your lawn in the sense of watering than any other sprinkler head. Some additional pros and cons include:

  • If maintained poorly, impact sprinkler heads can have a short lifespan. Call Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) to repair and maintain your sprinklers with quality parts at (801) 709-1574!
  • A major pro of impact sprinkler heads is that they can spray water with more volume and to more zones than other sprinkler heads such as rotor or pop-up.
  • If your impact sprinkler heads pop out of the ground, there is more of a tendency for them to fill with debris easier. However, consistent checking of your system and sprinkler heads can solve that problem.

Common Problems:Sprinkler Timer Repair

Problems can also occur due to general wear and tear with the impact sprinkler head. Here are some of the more common ones to look out for:

  • Impact heads can stop turning over time without proper maintenance.
  • If debris is in the line, or if debris enters the inside of the head, the impact sprinkler head can clog up.
  • Impact heads can sink into the ground, or start to come up above ground over time.
  • Occasionally, they can not pop up out of the ground at all, or spray very little.
  • Sometimes, the fittings they are connected to can break or crack due to weathering or other circumstances.

With all problems or cons of the impact sprinkler head or any sprinkler head, Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) specializes in sprinklers, because we are true sprinkler repair experts. Call us today at (801) 709-1574 to see how we can serve you!

How to Diagnosis Problems:

If you’re looking to fix things yourself, we’re also here to help you at Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County)! Here are some of the most common problems, and things you can do to fix them:

  • As the impact sprinkler head no longer turns, the springs may be worn out and the head will need to be replaced.
  • If debris is inside of the head it will need to be cleaned out or it may not turn.
  • If your impact sprinkler head is sinking or rising above ground it will need to be dug out and returned to the correct position.

How to Install/Repair:

An impact head can be replaced by either unscrewing the entire head from the fitting it’s attached to, or lifting the sprinkler up, inside of the head, and using an impact sprinkler tool to unscrew it out of the fitting. However, if the fitting attached to the head is broken, it will need to be replaced. And if the water pressure is low on an impact sprinkler head zone, try replacing the nozzles with smaller ones. You can do this by lifting the sprinkler out of the outer casing, pushing down on the nozzle tab, then pulling it out and replacing it.


Still not convinced that an impact sprinkler head is right for you? Call Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) today at (801) 709-1574 to see for yourself why an impact sprinkler head could make the biggest impact on your lawn all year.

At Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County), we mean business; and we’re in the business of helping you love the way your lawn looks and feels! By calling us today, you get our guarantee of quality parts, quality service, and quality customer service all at an affordable price. Our bottom line is quality for you, and for your lawn! Call today to see what we can do for you!

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Sprinkler PVC Pipes — All You Need to Know with Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County)

PVC Pipes for sprinklers have been in use for nearly 100 years. They’re reliable, dependable, and fairly easy to use. However, not much has changed about them over the last few years. There have been no major innovations or technology applied to PVC Pipes. What we see is what you get. At Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County), we know that you don’t have time to read up and understand everything there is to know about sprinkler systems; so we’ve done it for you!

When it comes to PVC Pipes in your sprinkler system or irrigation control, you can count on Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) to help you at every turn and beyond. One call is all it will take to receive our abundance of quality services, including sprinkler repair, sprinkler installation, winterizing sprinklers, drip irrigation, and much more! With PVC Pipes specifically, we can help you move them around, install them, or fix ones that are broken. Call us today at (801) 709-1574 to learn more!

Background and Makeup of Most PVC Pipesbest sprinkler company ut county

The PVC pipe is a white pipe that is made of hard thick plastic. PVC is used to carry/feed water to the entire sprinkler system. PVC is most commonly either 1” or ¾,” but can be as big as 1 ½” to as little as ½.” Be careful to check what schedule (or thickness) the PVC is, as there are two different types: Schedule 40 and schedule 80. Schedule 40 is thinner than Schedule 80 and may not last as long.

Click here to learn more about the PVC pipe, or watch this video.

Due to the nature and material of PVC Pipes, there are some pros and cons that you may want to look out for when considering or purchasing it as a solution to your lawn irrigation needs.

  • Pros- PVC pipe is hard plastic — making it more resilient to damage from things such as punctures and physical impairments. It does not require as much digging as the Pollyaritheane pipe to repair.
  • Cons- If you live in an area with severe weather patterns, PVC can become brittle due to weathering, such as sun and winter damage. PVC pipe does not naturally bend, so it may be more difficult to fix if working with a tight angle. Fittings can also be tricky, because there has to be enough room for the fitting to slide onto the pipe, or else it will not hold properly and will leak or blow off.


Due to the stiffness of the PVC Pipe, the first thing you should do is dig 1 foot-deep, straight holes for your pipe, across the desired area. Make sure to dig a wide enough space so that dirt will not fall on or in the pipe where connections will be. There are two ways to combine PVC pipes:

  1. Since you cannot move PVC pipe to connect it, you must either cut the pipe and get a PVC extension, (a fitting that can freely expand in or out; we’ll talk about them more later), then pull the joint over the other side of the pipe, OR
  2. Cut the pipe and glue on a union. A union is a fitting that unscrews in the middle so you can glue each piece to both sides of the pipe you are trying to connect, then easily screw them back together. Unions are harder to use because you have to cut the exact amount of pipe to put them on. If you cut too little pipe off they will be too close and not be able to connect, but if you cut too much pipe off, the spacing will be so far apart that you won’t be able to screw them tightly back together. A common mistake with unions, or any fitting you have to screw, is that a lot of people will screw them without letting the glue dry; pulling the fittings off the glued pipe, or twisting the glue that has already started to dry, making the fit not seal properly.


When connecting a PVC Pipe-line, you must cut straight, clean, and dry both sides of the pipe that are being put together. It is essential to clean and dry the pipe so the glue sticks well and that you do not get debris in the system. Debris essentially being installed as you install the PVC pipe will create more hassles than anything else. You then use something called Primer (a purple cleaning agent) to do a finer clean on the pipe and help bond the glue to the pipe. Make sure to prime both the fitting and the pipe itself. Once you have primed both the fitting and the pipe, you will then apply PVC Glue to both the fitting and the pipe. Use enough so there is a thin layer on both the fitting and the pipe. Make sure the glue goes all the way around and as deep as the fitting will be going on the pipe. You will only have a small window of time before the glue dries to push the pipe into the fitting, so make sure you are prepared to do so BEFORE applying glue. Once primed and glued, push the pipe into the fitting, turn ¼ of a turn, then hold the pipe into the fitting for at least 20-30 seconds to let it settle. Do not test the connection for at least 15 minutes(or longer in colder weather) for the glue to dry. Keep in mind it takes about 2 hours for PVC glue to cure fully. Make sure to test the newly glued fitting before burying it.

Repairs — Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) Can Help!

PVC pipe most often gets damaged from either cracking or shattering due to weather damage or other accidental damage. The PVC pipe can become very brittle in this state, making the pipe fragile and harder to repair. For your own safety, this is why you should be very careful when repairing a pipe and make sure not to twist, pull, or tug on the pipe when either cutting or gluing your new piece in. Leave it to us at Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) to help you fix or otherwise repair your sprinkler PVC Pipes by calling us today at (801) 709-1574!


Sprinkler Timer RepairIt’s common to use extensions because it’s not possible to move pipe that is already underground, so this fitting pulls out, acting as a moving pipe. To install or utilize PVC Pipe extensions, follow these steps below:

  • Carefully dig out the area of the broken pipe about a foot on each side of the break. Be sure to dig underneath the pipeline, as well as removing any loose dirt that could fall into or on top of the pipe.
    • Cut out the broken area of the pipe, making sure to twist the pipe cutters back and forth to not put any bind on the unaffected area of the pipe. Cut enough room to add a PVC extension. You can measure by cutting a little bit longer than the PVC Extension you are going to put in. Remember, if you cut too much, your extension may not reach the other side of the pipe. If you cut too little, your extension will not fit between the cuts of pipe.
    • Dry the area, although some glues are wet or dry glue, water can damage the glue, so make sure there is no water draining inside or outside of the pipe.
    • Prime and glue or PVC Lock a Coupler (a fitting that is open on both ends so it can slide onto a pipe) onto an extension fitting so that both ends are Female (meaning they can be placed or slid on top of a pipe).
    • Once that is done, push one of the sides on by way of either glue/primer or PVC lock, then simply extend the other side of the extension to the opposite pipe. Make sure both fittings are on all the way and that the fittings have had enough time to dry.
    • Finally, test your fitting.


Unions are commonly used if there is not enough room for an extension (due to small areas) or if the pipe is slightly off-angle. To DIY your own unions, follow the steps:

  • First, prepare the area just like you would an extension; by digging and cleaning the pipe.
  • Prepare by putting the fitting together outside of the repair area. This is done by putting your fittings together as if you were going to repair without the pipe.
    • Wrap Teflon tape or pipe dope clockwise around the threads of both male couplers.
      • For 1” pipe the standard amount of times to wrap the thread with Teflon is 6-8 times. Any more than that can make it hard to get on, while any less is likely to leak still.
      • For ¾” or below, 4-6 times around is generally fine.
  • Screw the male couplers into each side of the union to the point where most threads aren’t showing, or until the fitting is hard to screw with a wrench. The easiest way to screw fitting in is to hold one side against the ground with a wrench, then twist the other side with another wrench.
  • Once both fittings are screwed in, screw the union back together.
  • Measure the area of PVC that needs to be cut.
    • Measuring can be tricky so be sure to locate how far in each fitting the PVC will slide on each side of the fitting. This can be done by sticking an object in each side and marking the object, or some fitting will have it marked already with a crease or edge. Now that you know about how much pipe will slide into each side of the fittings you can now measure your cut. Place your accessory on top of the pipe you are cutting, and mark where each fitting will end up when fully slid into the pipe so that both sides of the union will be able to screw back together once glued in.
    • After you have marked your pipe, cut it with a ratcheting PVC cutter back and forth until you have cut all the way through on both sides. Unscrew your union, as you will not be able to glue your fitting while the union is together.
    • Prime, then glue both the fitting and the pipe, push the fitting in, twist it ¼ of a turn and hold for 20 seconds, or until it does not move on its own.
      • To get both sides on, you may have to lift on the pipe on top of the other, but be extremely careful when doing so, as this causes many breaks further down the line. You can prevent this by digging more of the pipe out, so you have more room to work with. Once both sides are glued or the PVC Pipe is locked on, you can screw both sides of the union back together, making sure you have a wrench on both sides, so your newly-glued fitting does not twist. After your glue has time to dry, test out your new repair. Once you have checked for no leaks, then you’re ready to go.

Other Applications & Conclusion

Other applications of PVC include a conduit for sprinkler wiring, sleeves underneath sidewalks or driveways, bracing pipes, drainage, and oftentimes, connection to other pipes, such as polyurethane. The uses for PVC Pipe are virtually endless, but when it comes to using them for your sprinklers, use the services of Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) to make sure they’re set up right, working properly, and not needing repairs. If the situation does arise and you need PVC Pipe replacement or repair-work done, call us today at (801) 709-1574! At Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County), we install the best and repair the rest!

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Timing is Everything — Understanding Automatic Sprinkler Timers with Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County)

That old saying “timing is everything” still rings true today. Sometimes you’ve just got to be in the right place at the right time for the right things to happen. That’s just a fact of life, but at Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County), we know that timing is still everything — even when it comes to taking care of your lawn and making the right decisions about a lawn care provider. Here at Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County), we care for and about your lawn long after a scheduled appointment. Because we use quality parts and quality service, you have our guarantee that you’ll love the way your lawn looks and the way your sprinklers work at the end of each day. One of our quality parts that needs more attention is the automatic sprinkler timer. At Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County), we only use the best products for your sprinkler system and your lawn. This includes but is not limited to brands such as Toro, Rainbird, Hunter, and Orbit. We’re here to help you know all you need to know about your automatic sprinkler timers so your lawn, much like you, can know that “timing is everything.” Call us today at (801) 709-1574 with any questions, or to schedule an appointment!


The human brain is able to do incredible things. One thing it does well at is being able to manage time effectively. A lawn or a sprinkler system without an automatic sprinkler timer is essentially a lawn or sprinkler system without a brain. With that said, the sprinkler timer acts as the brain to the entire sprinkler system. It’s able to communicate to the sprinkler valves about when to turn on or off, and provides a more user-friendly interface to control your sprinklers. Though sprinkler timers vary to a small degree across the board with each brand, the most basic and general functions are almost universally the same. However, it’s still important to break down what they do. Virtually all sprinkler timers have the same 3 functions that are listed below:

How To Program All Sprinkler Timers

Before jumping into the 3 functions, the first thing you’ll want to be sure to do is checking the date and time on the face of the sprinkler timer and making sure it’s where you want it to be. After checking that the time and date are correct, you will only need to review the 3 functions on every timer to make sure they are programmed correctly.Sprinkler Timer Repair

The 3 functions are:

  • What days to water: This automates the system to water only on days you select
  • Time of day to water: Try and have your sprinklers turn on when it’s just before daybreak or sunset to prevent water from evaporating. Watering in the early morning or early evening is most effective to get the water to soak deep in the ground and promote healthy lawn growth. Click here to learn more about the best times to water your lawn!
  • How long to water each zone: This will allow the sprinklers to only water as long as you program them before automatically shutting off.

Those are the 3 functions you’ll need to review on essentially any sprinkler timer to ensure that your timer will water at proper times and at the right amount of water for each zone. Click this link for a video that further explains these functions!

Common Problems

Like any other piece of hardware, automatic sprinkler timers are prone to some common problems. While most of these problems aren’t extremely severe, know that one call to Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) at (801) 709-1574, can solve all those sprinkler-related needs — including a fix to a faulty sprinkler timer! Some common problems include:

1. No Power: Check if the timer is properly plugged in and getting power. Usually, there is no power going to the outlet, or an electrical breaker may be tripped.

2. Too Many Start Times: The start time is when the sprinklers will start and run through every valve on the whole system. Be careful to not set more than one start time, as this will cause over-watering to your lawn, and potentially drown out your roots.

3. Programs: Programming on automatic sprinkler timers can be confusing. These are usually labeled A and B, or ABC and D. Much like presetting a radio station, these allow different saved presets of settings to quickly be selected. To make things easy on yourself and your lawn at first, stick to using the first program setting before diving in and selecting and setting others.

4. Wiring Problems: Wiring that either breaks, shorts out, and connects with other wires can mess with the timer and cause it to not function properly. Every so often when this does happen, an error or fault warning will be displayed on the timer. Check in the timer and the valve box to ensure that none of the wires are touching. If not, you’ll have to use a multi-meter to figure out where the problem is. If there is a broken wire, the best option is usually to reconnect the timer and the valve to a different spare wire in the bundle.

If you think there is a problem with one of the zones, or with wiring, timers usually have a setting labeled “manual” that will allow you to manually activate and deactivate valves. If none of these solutions fix the timer, just replace the timer by placing a call with Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) at (801) 709-1574!


Though sprinkler timers can be very intimidating, they all share the same functions and once you break them down, they’re quite simple. Be sure to call Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) at (801) 709-1574 for all your sprinkler needs! And remember, timing is everything. Don’t let your time slip away on having a great looking lawn and exceptional sprinklers!

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3 Reasons Why You Need Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County)

Having motives or reasons are all a part of making important decisions. At Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County), we believe that this is true in your decisions to choose a lawn care or sprinkler provider. When we say we’re not like other sprinkler companies, hear us out. With Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County), you get the type of service you’d expect from a close friend. We listen to you, and your concerns before doing any work. We pride ourselves in being Dr. Sprinkler, who have the knowledge and the understand to get a job done the way you want it to be done. We use quality parts and quality service at a price that’s affordable. We offer incredible customer service, where you’ll walk away knowing that we care about you more as a person than a paycheck. One simple phone call is all it’ll take for you to know these things and more, at (801) 709-1574.

Still don’t believe us though? Here are three more reasons why you should choose Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) to service your lawn and your sprinklers:

1. Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) Services Many Locations

Even if you’re not in the heart of Provo, Utah, with Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) you’re in luck, because we cover much of the surrounding areas and zip codes, including:best sprinkler company ut county

  • Alpine, Utah 84004
  • American Fork, Utah 84003
  • Bluffdale, Utah 84065
  • Cedar Hills, Utah 84062
  • Eagle Mountain, Utah 84005
  • Highland, Utah 84003
  • Lehi, Utah 84043
  • Lindon, Utah 84042
  • Mapleton, Utah 84664
  • Orem, Utah 84057
  • Payson, Utah 84651
  • Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062
  • Provo, Utah 84601
  • Salem, Utah 84653
  • Santaquin, Utah 84655
  • Saratoga Springs, Utah 84045
  • Spanish Fork, Utah 84660
  • Springville, Utah 84663

2. We Offer First-rate Service

At Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) your thoughts might be that we’re just another sprinkler repair company that doesn’t do much beyond that. However, you’d be wrong to assume that! We do so much more than install or repair sprinklers. Scheduling an appointment with us will also provide you with our other service options. We specialize in sprinkler installation, sprinkler head repair, fixing damaged sprinkler heads, sprinkler winterizing, moving sprinkler heads, sprinkler system repairs, fixing faulty timers, and everything else in between. On top of those services, you can also rest easy knowing that we only use the best quality parts with installs or repairs, such as Rainbird, Toro, and Orbit sprinklers, sprinkler heads, and timers. One call is all you need to experience better service and value, at (801) 709-1574.

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3. At Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County), We Work Hard So You Don’t Have To

Do you ever wish you had more spare time? Do you feel like 24 hours in a day isn’t enough to do all that you need to do? It’s no surprise to you, or us, that living life has its challenges. Time management is one of those challenges that we almost all universally struggle with. When it comes down to the order of importance, maintaining the growth of a lawn or garden can often be pushed to the back of your to-do list. Understandably so! The time it takes to mow or edge, trim or cut, and especially water are moments that you’d arguably want to have back in your pocket, being free to do the things that you’d rather be doing. At Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County), we’re here to give you your free time back, and to get it where it belongs — with you.

On Facebook, we have a 4.3 out of a 5-star review. As has been mentioned before, when making the call to Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County), you get more than our attention. You get our quality service and quality parts at an affordable price.

So what are you waiting for? The reasons are laid before you; Call Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) today at (801) 709-1574 to get your free time back and to save money!

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What You Choose When Choosing Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County)

Tony Robbins once said, “Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.”

At Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County), not only do we approve of that philosophy, but we endorse it and embrace it! We are all about embracing the good that comes from choosing to change. That said, however, we’re faced with those hard choices often throughout every day. As soon as we wake up, as soon as we lay to rest each night and every moment in between, choices are to be made everywhere. Consider for a moment the motives behind your choices each day. The odds are that they operate around timeliness, monetary responsibility, or safety. Now, consider the choice you have in choosing Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) as your lawn provider. You get your free time back where it belongs (with you), you save money by eliminating your costs and expenditures to DIY, and it’s a Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) guarantee that the jobs we do are done safe and right the first time. Perhaps you’re still skeptical about this potentially life-changing choice, though. Give us a call today at (801) 709-1574 to see for yourself that choosing Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) is always the right choice. If you still don’t believe us, keep reading to see why we’re a name and a choice that can be trusted in any season.

Quality Parts

Choosing Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) gives you the upper hand and benefits of quality parts. In all that we do, we exclusively use parts from Toro, Orbit, and Rainbird. Click the images below to learn more about each brand, and why you can trust them in our hands to deliver the best sprinkler work your lawn will ever get.

Quality Toto Parts UT County

Founded in 1914, Toro boasts over 100 years of experience. Similarly, their products stand by a lasting guarantee of satisfaction. Pair Toro and Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County), and you’ll have a lawn — and sprinkler parts — that can stand the test of time.

Rainbird Provo UT

Founded in 1933, Rainbird is an innovator for all things sprinkler. They know how to produce quality, lasting product that is not only good for your lawn but good for your life. Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County) knows that you deserve the best, and that is why we use the best of Rainbird.

Orbit Utah County Sprinklers

Orbit Irrigation got its start in Utah in 1986, but services over 2,000 products in over 40 different countries. They provide quality parts and service just like us; something that we care about and that you need. They specialize in smart timers that will save you money on the next water bill.

Quality Service

It is our mission to serve our most important customer — you. No matter the weather, job, or circumstances at Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County), we strive always to put the customer first. By calling us at (801) 709-1574, you’ll be able to schedule an appointment for our timely, efficient service. You can count on us to give you our best, all while getting your free time back in your pocket to do what you love. At Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County), we specialize in the following services:

  • Sprinkler Installation
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Sprinkler Winterizing
  • Sprinkler Head Repair
  • Fixing Automatic Sprinkler Timers
  • Adjusting Sprinkler Valves
  • Sprinkler Repair
  • … And Much More!

If you’re still unsure about the choice of Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County), read this last section and call us today at (801) 709-1574!Positive Facebook Reviews UT County

Positive Reviews

Reviews can make or break a reputation. Consider your choice to see a movie. More often than not, you probably check out a rating website or read a few critic’s critiques before finally going. Likewise, with picking a restaurant or new eatery, the thought probably runs through your head to check the nearest Yelp page, or look on Google to see if it’s really worth it. At Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County), we want to prove to you that we are worth it to you. Our name is what we mean. We are Dr. Sprinkler, and we are here to be the best sprinkler company for you! Click the image to the right to see some of our reviews on Facebook and see for yourself why we are a name, brand, and company that you can always count on!

So. The choice is still all yours. It may not be a big deal yet, but when the time comes to choose, make the right choice for yourself with Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Utah County). As shown, we give you our all by getting our job done right the first time. We offer quality parts and service at an affordable price, and we don’t only get the job done, but we go the extra mile to make sure you love the way your lawn looks.

What are you waiting for? Call us today at (801) 709-1574!

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