5 Steps: Turn Off Your Sprinklers for the Utah County, UT Area.

5 Step checklist to turning off your lawn irrigation system for the Utah County Area.

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Areas and zipcodes we cover for Utah Count   Automatic Lawn Sprinkler Winterization – (also known as) –
“sprinkler shut down,” “fall closing,” “blow out,” and “winter blowout” in the Utah County area.

Provo Ut, 84601, 84602, 84603, 84604, 84605, 84606.
Orem UT, 84057, 84058, 84059, 84097.
Lehi UT, 84043
Pleasant Grove UT, 84062
Spanish Fork UT, 84660
Springville UT, 84663
American Fork UT, 84003
Saratoga Springs UT, 84045
Eagle Mountain, UT, 84005
Payson UT, 84651
Highland UT, 84003
Lindon UT, 84042
Santaquin UT, 84655
Alpine UT, 84004.
Cedar Hills UT, 84062.
Mapleton UT, 84664.

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Fall Lawn Preparations

Fall is the best time to prepare your lawn for steadily declining temperatures. Dr. Sprinkler Repair (Provo, UT) can help you do that and more. This article will outline many of the most important steps that need to be taken in order to protect your sprinkler investment, as well as the services available from our highly qualified sprinkler technicians.fall-lawn-preparation-dr-sprinkler-repair-utah-county-provo

Grass, like many other living organisms that hibernate through winter, spends the autumn months gathering nutrients and energy in order to survive the time it will spend beneath snow and ice. Nourishing your lawn during this time becomes more important than ever. There are many ways to do this, such as:

Aerating Your Soil
Oxygenating the soil will give your grass access to many more nutrients. Dr. Sprinkler Repair’s Utah County sprinkler technicians offer lawn aeration services. Using specialized equipment, such as a lawn aerator, they will oxygenate the soil beneath your lawn and make certain that it will be ready for a healthy, green spring.

Controlling the Weeds
Weeds are like parasites, stealing food and energy away from your lawn. Getting rid of the weeds will give your grass priority when it comes to receiving the best moisture and nutrients the environment has to offer.

Fertilizing the Grass
Fertilizer is jam-packed with everything your lawn could ever want. By fertilizing your grass prior to winter, you’ll be giving your grass enough stored energy to make it through winter with nutrients to spare.dry spot repair dr sprinkler provo

Fixing Dry/Bald Spots
Why wait until spring to find out that a bald spot has been hiding beneath the snow all winter? Fixing bald spots in the fall means that your spring lawn will be lush and fill, rather than spotty and ragged. Click here to learn more about identifying and fixing dry spots in your yard!

Mowing your Lawn
Towards the end of the autumn season, set the blade on your mower to its lowest setting in order to cut the grass very short. This will allow more sunlight to be absorbed by the grass, as well as lessening the amount of dead, brown grass in your lawn in the spring.

Raking the Leaves
Fallen leaves for a barrier between your lawn and the water, sunlight, and nutrients that it needs to thrive through the winter weather. Raking the leaves and keeping your lawn clear is the best form of prevention.

Finally, don’t forget to call Dr. Sprinkler Repair for your lawn sprinkler winterization needs! We perform various winterization and blowout services for your sprinkler system, so give us a call today at (801) 709-1574 to schedule an appointment with our expert sprinkler technicians.

Watering and Timers

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“In dry periods, water newly laid turf, freshly sown areas, and high-quality lawns. Leave established lawns unwatered, but stop mowing because longer grass helps protect the roots. The grass may turn brown, but will recover once it rains.”

“Water a new lawn every week in dry spells, until it is established. You can tell when fine lawns need watering because they lose their spring when walked on. Reduce water evaporation by using sprinklers early in the morning or at night. Move seep hoses by 8 inches every half hour.” Learn More.

Turn Off the Timer

Automatic irrigation systems have a controller or timer. Most controllers have a “rain” or “off” mode that shuts off the signals to the valves. Turning it “off” allows the controller to keep all the essential programming information stored in it. The only change is that the valves will not activate. If you unplug or cut the power to your controller, be aware that you may need to reprogram it in the spring. Learn More

Is Your Lawn Ready for Summer?

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Summer lawns need water more than ever! Are your sprinklers up to par? Dr. Sprinkler Repair specializes in sprinkler installation and repair. Our employees are experienced, clean-cut, and reliable. For lush, healthy grass, look no further: Dr. Sprinkler has got your back.

dog drinking water from sprinkler dr sprinkler utah county

“True, water is essential to lawns. But too much or too little can harm them. Running the sprinkler all night sets up the right conditions for disease. Frequent, light watering causes the grass to grow shallow roots and sets your lawn up for trouble in hot weather. Here are a few easy pointers for correct watering.”

Honest, Clean, Full of Integrity – The Dr. Sprinkler Repair Mission Statement

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Dr. Sprinkler Repair knows that a business is only as good as the people that work for it. As part of our mission statement, we are honest, clean, and full of integrity; therefore, we will be there when we say we will be there.

How do I set the timer for my sprinkler system? Doing it yourself may seem confusing, but here’s a simple breakdown of how to work it.

Dry Spots? Call the experts!

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Dry Spots

Are you getting dry spots in your grass, but the sprinklers seem to be working great? This could be caused by the water pressure being too high. High water pressure can cause the sprinklers to mist, which results in water evaporating and not reaching the plants or grass. If your sprinklers look like the image below, you could be wasting water and may need sprinkler system maintenance.


We have many tools to help deal with too-high and too-low water pressure. Our professional technicians can fix any sprinkler problem. We pride ourselves on great communication and vast experience in sprinkler repair.

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How To Save On The Water Bill By Saving Water!

A lawn sprinkler system makes life much easier and saves us time. A sprinkler system cuts back on the use of water by watering more effectively. However, a broken sprinkler system can waste over 4,000 gallons of water a month. Most sprinkler problems go unnoticed because they run at night and go unseen. Common problems with a lawn sprinkler system is that they are not rising above the grass (not popping up all the way) as well as broken tops and broken pipes below the ground.  Sprinklers that do not cover correctly wastewater and can causing lasting damage.  Call Dr. Sprinkler Repair at (801) 709-1574

Common problems of sprinklers wasting water:

    • Broken Sprinkler Head


    • Broken or cracked sprinkler pipes


    • Over watering from timer


    • Sunken tilted sprinklers heads


    • Wrong spray pattern


    • Mixed sprinkler heads


    • Sprinkler needs minor adjustment


  • Sprinkler valve or zone won’t turn off

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Why are my sprinklers leaking? Let’s get to the root of the problem using these steps for sprinkler diagnosis.

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